SEN010 - ROLLMOTTLE: The Obsolete Man

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· 180 gram 12" vinyl LP
· Full color sleeve
· Hand-numbered edition of 100
· Hand-signed by the artist
· Download code included


Rollmottle's first full length LP takes its name from an episode of The Twilight Zone. Within this futuristic political allegory, Rollmottle found a parallel to his life experience of the past few years that crystallized his mind frame. 

THE OBSOLETE MAN is a record of seven songs about being displaced from the comfortably familiar and facing down an uncertain mortality. It is about the most unknowable unknown rendering everything you thought you knew, totally obsolete. When an existential crisis surprises you like an apparition, the terms by which it is confronted are rarely your own. A palpable layer of dis-ease and tension course through this record's lifeblood, but Rollmottle refuses to let darkness overtake light. In the saturated warmth of the light, Rollmottle mines for hope and proposes transformation and movement forward. 

The record's pulse is steady and sure, conjuring long drives into the distant horizon of sunswept highways on California's coast. Massive beats advance these scenes with an assertive authority that is perfectly suited for loud playback. Layers of Rollmottle's signature, lush pads float you to the next destination while unpredictable textures of modular synthesizer bristle beneath. Repeat headphone sessions will reveal the hidden details so densely layered within the world of each song where deep reverbs create wide expanses that can be endlessly explored. 

Fans of Rollmottle will immediately recognize the essence of this sound so singular to SENTRALL. Newcomers will find a sound that is perhaps a new approach to music made with synthesizers. THE OBSOLETE MAN will stand as a totem to an era Rollmottle happily leaves behind but upon which he knows he must build upon with reverence. The music has evolved, but is not yet obsolete. 

- CJP, March 2013.


Released 23 April 2013

All songs written by Rollmottle except “Gavin Bryars” by Rollmottle & The Controller

Produced and mixed by Rollmottle. 
Mastered by Mark Chalecki, Little Redbook Mastering. 
c. & p. 2013 SENTRALL Sound Recordings